Case Studies

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Revving customer interest through media relations

Scant weeks before a major tradeshow, Critical Telecom, a specialist in broadband technologies for the outside plant, needed a U.S. market launch.

Creating valuable early traction for a start-up

A leader in application virtualization, Trigence faced a common challenge for start-ups: How to generate media coverage for an exciting new technology before you have a customer willing to talk about it?

Turning a company milestone into big industry news

Quake Technologies wanted to alert the industry that it had just shipped its 100,000th Ethernet chip. While this achievement was a very important milestone for the company, it fell short of the threshold news value most of Quake’s trade media would set.

Generating news when there are no announcements

With few newsworthy announcements to make, Whitehill Technologies Inc., a document composition and format transformation software company, still needed to sustain media interest and generate ongoing coverage.

Capitalizing on breaking news

When Microsoft announced that it would be withdrawing support for its Windows 98 operating system, AssetMetrix, a service for PC inventory and asset analysis, saw an opportunity to showcase its abilities.

Influencing analysts who influence your customers

Analysts are highly influential in evaluating technology adoption in their definitive space, while also influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. Yet many public relations consider analysts to be even more challenging audience to reach than the media.

Tackling the world’s toughest media market

Xmark wanted to raise awareness of its infant protection products for healthcare facilities amongst the general public in the world’s largest media hub – New York.

Bringing complex technology to the general interest

GangaGen Life Sciences Inc., a developer of bacteriophage technology used in the prevention of food-borne disease, needed to bring its capabilities to the attention of general business and trade media.

Using events to generate coverage

The International BioNorth Conference and Exhibition is an annual opportunity for the Ottawa Life Sciences Council to build industry-wide awareness.