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April 13, 2008

Ramp-Up & Roll-Out

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You’re ready to go but the media aren’t.

Start-ups and established companies alike often believe they can come out of stealth mode or a quiet phase, put out a news release and get substantial coverage. It can work if you’re a household name but most companies aren’t. And so they lose much of the potential of their announcements.

inmedia‘s Ramp-Up and Roll-OutTM program is a two-stage process that ensures media and analysts are introduced to your company or product so that when announcements are made, they are able to put them in context and cover them. This is a media and analyst launch, and it can be done for emerging companies that have yet to speak to the media, and for more mature organizations that have not had a consistent media relations program.

inmedia will take you through the entire launch, from early planning and materials development, through to the delivery and monitoring of the launch itself.

Every company has a different launch strategy, with many factors influencing the types of activities necessary for an effective Ramp-Up and Roll-OutTM. The following example is meant to give you some idea of the type of work involved in a client’s media launch.


  • Development of all background materials relating to the launch. This may include company and product overviews, market backgrounders, key personnel biographies, facts and figures and any other type of material required — written and formatted for the media.
  • Research and development of a media list containing all relevant analysts, editors and reporters that cover the client’s space.
  • Research and development of a short-term calendar of editorial and speaking opportunities.
  • Development of a news release announcing the launch.


  • Distribution of the news release via targeted email distribution and international newswires.
  • Follow up with Tier 1 media to ensure receipt and discuss coverage opportunities.
  • Manage all interview logistics and requests for further information.
  • Monitor for coverage and report to the client on the results achieved and any further ongoing opportunities.

For the effectiveness of a Ramp-Up and Roll-OutTM program, see our Case Study.


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