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April 13, 2008

Our Team

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Enjoy the intimacy of a smaller agency where you always get our full attention and every client is important while achieving the global reach your story requires. You will appreciate the value of our unique account team structure, which provides high-touch service — efficiently and effectively.

Each inmedia client account team is responsible for every aspect of the work performed for you, unlike traditional agencies where execution is often delegated to increasingly junior staff. We don’t think you have any junior requirements, so we don’t have any junior staff, only seasoned professionals.

The team liaises directly with your management and technical people, researches and develops the materials, and makes the actual calls to reporters and analysts. This vertical approach ensures that your messages are always clearly communicated to target media and analysts, and that our feedback to you is similarly undiluted.

We deliver meaningful results through a keen understanding of how the media work. Our skill at establishing relationships with key editors and reporters at publications across North America and around the world, and our ability to effectively communicate your story ensure that inmedia will consistently outperform its competition.

Your inmedia team is made up of a group of experienced, highly skilled communicators, with backgrounds ranging from journalism and communications to marketing and high technology. We are friendly, honest, intelligent and, above all, dedicated to delivering the best possible results.

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