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April 13, 2008


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inmedia makes public relations part of the marketing mix by working with trade and business media, and with industry analysts to help you:

  • Promote your company and your products;
  • Generate leads and shorten the sales cycle;
  • Support and enhance strategic relationships;
  • Attract and retain employees; and
  • Build shareholder value

inmedia performs a wide variety of public relations services, from full-scale, retainer-based PR programs to one-off projects. Common projects that we work on for clients include:

  • Developing a long-term PR plan to meet strategic business objectives;
  • Creating a focused strategy to address short-term issues or opportunities;
  • Launching products or companies;
  • Making financing, customer win, partnership or other announcements; and
  • Developing and pitching stories to media and analysts.

We often work in concert with others to develop complete marketing communications programs, with the other agencies then executing on branding, advertising and other non-PR elements.

During the course of a project or as part on an ongoing PR program, we may engage in any or all of the following items of work:

Strategy and counsel – You need to understand your marketplace, your customers’ needs, how you can best be positioned in the competitive landscape, and how public relations fits into this. We will work with you to develop broad, integrated and multi-disciplinary communications strategies that serve fundamental business-plan objectives.

Analyst relations – Analysts play a hugely influential role in your customers’ purchasing decision making. We will help you harness this influence so that you are positioned as a credible and validated supplier in your marketplace.

News releases – Most companies understand that a well-written news release sent to the right media and analyst contacts can generate coverage, leads and revenue. We help you develop compelling releases that meet the strict news-value requirements of reporters and analysts, and we distribute them to our own lists of key contacts and, via international newswires, to the world. This approach is most successful when follow-up is also undertaken.

Follow-up – It’s never enough to just drift your announcement out there and hope the right people will pay attention to it. We work very hard to follow up with key media and analysts to make sure they are going to cover your announcement. This tenacious effort produces the superior results you are seeking.

Opportunity mining – How do you generate media and analyst attention when you have nothing new to announce? Through exhaustive research and by building effective relationships with key editors, we identify a whole host of ongoing opportunities for you to promote your company, your technology and your value proposition to your customers.

Bylined articles – Many trade publications welcome white papers and articles written by technology companies. These are outstanding opportunities to showcase your technology and position your people as thought leaders. Our proactive mining regularly secures bylined article opportunities for our clients.

Tradeshow and conference support – Besides being excellent forums at which to meet your customers and scope out the competition, trade shows and conferences attract media and analysts. We can make sure that you wring additional returns from your trade show investments by securing speaking opportunities and arranging briefing sessions with attending media and analysts.

Editorial tracking – Media are a gold mine of competitive intelligence about your marketplace and your competitors. Yet many companies only track media hits about themselves. Through our subscriptions to some of the largest media tracking companies in the world, we can provide you with marketplace insight from print, online and broadcast media from around the world.

News conferences, Webcasts and events – If you’re making a major announcement at a trade show or news conference, or through a Webcast or other event, we can invite the right people, develop all the materials including speeches and presentations, and manage all the logistical and organizational requirements.

Media training – Making the most of every media, analyst and presentation opportunity requires communications skills, effective messaging and an understanding of what your audience is looking for. We help senior executives shape their messaging and hone their delivery skills so they maximize every interaction with the media and others.

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