It’s about more than just the technology.
It’s about the business case for the technology.

Traditionally, technology PR agencies have excelled at telling the story of the technology features and advances of their clients’ products. But the market demands more than just the latest and greatest of anything. It demands a return on its technology investment.

The nuts and bolts of what our clients’ technology does is very important, and we work hard to understand the technology itself so we can effectively pitch it to well-informed trade media and industry analysts.

But what our clients’ technology does for their customers’ bottom line is an even more important part of the story, and a huge part of our effort is dedicated to making the business case for our clients’ product or service offering.

Executive suite influencers need a big picture view, one that addresses ROI and other issues. They are not interested just in the details of the technology but in what it can do for them.

That’s why we work hard to get beyond the nuts and bolts stories and target technology and business publications that allow our clients’ whole story to be told.

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